What questions should I ask when buying replacement windows and doors?

Are you planning to buy replacement windows and doors? Do you know the right questions to ask to get the best value for your money? Do not stress out; read further.

Replacement windows and doors allow you to improve your home’s aesthetics or curb appeal, as well as increase the value of your property. However, the following are some of the crucial questions you should ask when buying replacement windows and doors:

1. Can I see your showroom?

Nothing compares to seeing the windows and doors available on the market before making a final decision on the right ones to buy for your home.  Visit the showroom to see, compare and contrast colors, grid options sizes, finish, and lots more.

2. Can I get a few references?

You should be provided with references and their contact number one emails. This will allow you to ask pertinent questions regarding their experience with the contractor, the crew’s experience and efficiency, and their ability to keep to deadlines.

3. What is the available warranty on the products?

Buying windows and doors without any warranty provided on them is as good as throwing your money into the ocean. There should be protection for your money when you buy windows and doors. In case an accident happens and the windows crack, your money should not go down the drains like that, you should get some relief.

4. Do you have insurance?

Ask if the windows and doors company has adequate insurance that can protect you in case something happens. If the windows leak and there is water damage in your home, you should receive some compensation, courtesy of the windows and doors company’s insurance. Even if the contractor tells you that they have insurance, ask for proof and verify to have peace of mind that you are protected in the event of any unpleasant experience.

5. Who will measure the windows and doors?

Ask to know who will be responsible for measuring your windows and doors spaces for accuracy. Will the measurements be taken by the salesperson or the installer? How will the measurements be done for accuracy purposes about the replacement windows and doors you are buying.

6. How long will the process be?

It is good to know how long the entire process will be from measuring the windows and doors space to shipping them to your home and installation. This will allow you to have a timeline and have an idea of when the installation will be completed.


The above are some of the questions to ask when buying new windows and doors. Meanwhile, make sure you choose the right windows and doors company for the project by considering the responses provided to the questions above.

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