Many people do not value the importance of good quality toilet paper until they visit a public washroom and have no option but to use the only provided rough single-ply toilet paper. At that moment is when you realize the value of having good quality toilet paper. With so many types and brands of toilet paper in the market, it is time you put some thought into the quality of toilet paper you buy for your bathroom use.

Just because the label says it is soft and absorbent doesn’t mean it is all those things. Again, a high-priced toilet paper doesn’t mean it is the best toilet roll. Find out why the quality of toilet roll matters.

A good quality toilet paper is ecofriendly.

The best toilet roll is manufactured from recycled materials; therefore, the production process does not involve cutting down trees, which is harmful to our environment. Such toilet papers are truly green, which means that using them helps you contribute to a greener future.


Toilet manufacturing involves the use of chlorine in the process of making the paper white. Toilet papers bleached with chlorine are not considered ecofriendly since it is a chemical that causes water and air pollution. If you want to make the planet a better place in the future, it is best to use chlorine-free toilet paper.

No irritating fibers

One reason why you should buy quality toilet paper is for the sake of your skin health. Poor quality toilet papers are made out of irritating fibers that can come off to your skin as you wipe yourself. It can leave you with redness, rashes, allergic reactions, or a scratchy sensation which can be embarrassing.


A soft and plushy toilet paper is good for your butt health. A toilet roll that feels like sandpaper on your skin is not worth your use and time. It can only leave your skin feeling chaffed and sore. Good quality toilet paper is designed to feel as soft as a feather on your skin to avoid getting any uncomfortable itches.

Ease of tearing

Many poor-quality toilet rolls do not usually have a clear breaking line making them hard to tear. One thing to note is that the ease of tearing a toilet roll is directly related to its quality. A good toilet roll that is easy to tear saves your time. You don’t want to imagine the frustration that comes with relieving yourself in a hurry, and then you encounter a hard to tear toilet paper.

No clogs in your toilet

Buying good quality toilet paper is also beneficial for your toilet. If you often find yourself using too much water to flush toilet papers or a clogged plumbing system thoroughly, you might be using poor-quality toilet rolls. A good quality toilet paper breaks down easily; therefore, it is easy to flash and friendly to your plumbing system.

More plies

A good toilet roll has more plies or layers to minimize wastage. The more the layers, the more efficient the toilet roll is. That also means you won’t have to use much of it; therefore, it lasts longer.

The bottom line

Choosing good quality toilet paper is good for your butt health and good for the environment.

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