“This is how we do it”. Tips & tricks from experts in professional cleaning services

When cleaning your home, a counterintuitive, but very effective thing to do is to shake crumbs, dust, and pet hair on the floor, as well as knock dust and debris from curtains, shelves, and other places in your house, then vacuum it all up. It’s called the top-to-bottom rule and it’s used by experts in professional cleaning services from all over the world. “It just makes cleaning a lot faster since you only have to worry about vacuuming the floor, not cleaning the entire house. Of course, this only applies as long as you have a powerful vacuum cleaner, preferably one equipped with a HEPA filter (high-efficiency particulate air)”, says a highly-trained employee working with Home & Business Services in Fredericksburg, VA.

Home & Business Services – HBSOnTime.com is a family-owned local business, operating since 2013 in the Greater Fredericksburg Area, VA, including the counties of Culpeper, King George, Spotsylvania, Stafford, Louisa, Orange, and Caroline. They offer complete professional cleaning services, including residential cleaning (also known as maid service), commercial cleaning (for your offices and office building), carpet cleaning, window cleaning, and air duct cleaning. By reading this article further, you will find out other techniques they use, apart from their top-to-bottom approach and their top-notch equipment.

“Another very surprising piece of advice I have for anybody who wants to DIY when it comes to cleaning is to shut off their phone before proceeding. Even for us, experts in professional cleaning services, it’s sometimes hard to concentrate and not lose track of time on our phone, let alone for a novice. If you don’t check your phone at all, you’d be surprised that a whole house cleanup will take less than two hours when it normally would have taken you more than four hours”, says the professional cleaning services expert. And he continues: “It’s not only about the phone, but it’s also about distractions in general. Shut your phone off or set it on vibration mode, shut down your laptop or computer, keep the TV off, and don’t get distracted by smaller projects, such as organizing the linen closet, do it separately”.

Actually, since we are talking about a repetitive chore, that should be done at least once or twice a month, the expert in professional cleaning services says this process is all about simplicity. However, this doesn’t mean you should compromise on quality. “I would recommend starting with something simple and getting it done quickly, to gain motivation for cleaning the more problematic rooms such as the kitchen and the bathroom. Depending on the configuration of your house, the living room, dining room, or home office are a good place to start”, the Home & Business Services employee says.

HBSOnTime.com has excellent reviews from people living in the Greater Fredericksburg Area, VA. According to their website, attention to detail is their strength, they are always on time, as their name suggests, with proper planning, and they care about their clients’ needs and budget. Their goal is to exceed expectations and bring their customers peace of mind with the quality of their work.

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