The Ultimate Guide To Types of Kitchen Cabinets

Without a doubt, kitchen cabinets form one of the most important elements in modern house design. Without kitchen cabinets, it wouldn’t be a working, multi-functioning kitchen. It is these cabinets which keep the kitchen de-cluttered and neat and enable you to work in it optimally. So it is essential to pay attention to them and make a good selection- depending on the style, the materials, and your personal kitchen requirements. Moreover, deciding the kitchen cabinets is often the very first step after you finalise the rest of the kitchen layout.

There are three broad categories of kitchen cabinet design that you need to know about, so that you can make an informed choice with the help of a skilled interior designer –

Base cabinets
Base kitchen cabinets are positioned on the floor, supporting the countertop from below. It supports the sink as well as other essential kitchen appliances such as dishwashers, if you have one. Base cabinets are in most kitchens you will come across, it is difficult to actually construct a kitchen without making use of them. They are also the most expensive cabinets, since they store practically everything- from appliances and utensils, crockery, spices, and much more. They also form the largest part of the kitchen.

Tall cabinets
Tall kitchen cabinets are also known as pantry or utility cabinets. You can install them as free-standing cabinets, or make them in-built from the floor to the ceiling. They are highly functional and have lots of storage space within them. You can store all your food supplies in bulk, such as sauces, cereals, sugar, flour, pickles, and more in these tall kitchen cabinets, as well as appliances such as microwave ovens.

Wall cabinets
Wall kitchen cabinets can be quite decorative. Wall cabinets are mounted on the wall using screws, and they can be aesthetically pleasing if the finishing is well. You can use these cabinets to store things that are not used too frequently, and also store appliances and kitchen accessories that are not too big or bulky.

Now that you know about these three broad categories of kitchen cabinets, here are a few tips that will help you to do a good job with your kitchen cabinet design –

● Even though base cabinets are more expensive, it is a good idea to invest a bit less in the base cabinets since they don’t come too much into focus when anyone enters the kitchen. Instead, you can invest more in wall cabinets to make them more decorative and ornamental and increase the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen design. In order to do this, you can put up lighting inside the cabinets or using glass material where you can.

● If you wish to install some useful kitchen appliances such as a microwave or oven into your tall kitchen cabinet, you can make some space by removing the bottom two drawers and then installing the appliances within that space.

To create your ideal kitchen design, it is best to go to an expert designer and get the job done. But having the knowledge of the kitchen cabinets and layouts will give you an idea about your preference and what to work with. An expert can then help you to further enhance your ideas and make a beautiful kitchen design of your dreams!

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