The Easiest Ways to Clean Carpets

Most of us use the same methods that we’ve seen our parents or grandparents do. It’s not that they don’t work, but there are more effective ways to get rid of dirt and stains from your carpets.

Most of the time, dirt and stains on your carpets can be easily removed by adding water.

  • Vacuum the carpet very well with a powerful vacuum cleaner. It will help lift more dirt particles for easier removal.
  • Next, fill a bucket with about 1/2 cup of ammonia (or white vinegar), 2 cups of cold water, and about 20 drops of essential oil. Mix it thoroughly until all the solids are dissolved into the solution.

Now, please take a couple of small rags or an old T-shirt (old clothes tend to work better) and dip it into the mixture you prepared earlier. Now wring the rag till it’s damp; not too wet, not too dry. Start scrubbing the entire carpet with the wet rag to remove all dirt and stains. You may notice that some areas require more than one application for them to be cleaned thoroughly.

  1. To keep your carpets clean, vacuum at least once a week or use an upright vacuum cleaner, so you don’t have to bend over.
  2. Also, don’t forget always to wear slippers in the house so you won’t have to worry about dirt sticking on your feet.
  3. Doing these simple things will help you achieve a cleaner home without having to spend too much money. Just be sure to prepare all materials beforehand so when there’s a mess, you’re already ready to clean it right away.

Here are some tips for easy carpet cleaning:

  • Vacuum your carpet regularly. It will not only help you get rid of all the dirt particles that have accumulated, but it also pushes them into the deeper layers where regular vacuuming can’t reach.
  • Use distilled white vinegar for tough stains. It is an effective product to get rid of tough stains on your carpet. Just mix it with water and apply it directly onto the stained area.
  • Spot-treat stubborn dirt stains If you have kids or pets, this is a must when cleaning any flooring at home. A spray bottle works wonders when it comes to tackling these kinds of stubborn stains.
  • Remember to always buy organic products for your family’s safety and wellness.
  • Do not use too many cleaning solutions when washing your carpet. Be careful not to overdo it because this will only attract more dirt particles. With a powerful vacuum cleaner, then you should be fine. But if not, then you might want to consider working with carpet cleaning Westlake village professionals equipped with the latest tools equipment for the job.

Final Notes

Carpets are usually the dirtiest part of any expensive home. What you require to keep your carpets looking cleaner longer is not too much, but just the right amount of knowledge and skills. It might take a little practice at first, but you’ll get it quickly after that. Alternatively, you can work with experts who are well-versed in-home carpet cleaning.

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