Mark Roemer Oakland Help You Decide on Blinds or Curtains for Your Bathroom


According to Mark Roemer Oakland, bathrooms are places where you can find a lot of peace and solace. There are a lot of things that go into accessorizing your bathroom. However, choosing between blinds and curtains isn’t an easy job. Let’s solve that:

The Discussion

  1. Maintenance – Both blinds and curtains don’t have high resistance against molding or moisture. Hence you need to clean them regularly to keep them in the best shape. However, curtains can be easily cleaned in the washing machine with regular detergent, and for tough stains, rubbing with baking soda, soap, and warm water should do the trick.

On the other hand, you don’t need to take off blinds from the windows unless you’re going to deep clean them. Running a clean cloth over closed slats should be more than enough to get rid of moisture and dust. They are also more resistant to physical damage as long as you opt for acrylic or aluminum blinds and last far longer than curtains. Curtains may have shorter longevity but make up for it with easy fixes. You can sew a curtain easily and don’t need to replace a whole slat.

  1. Privacy – When it comes to privacy, blinds take the win since they provide you optimum privacy without sacrificing anything. You can close the blinds completely and if you go for roller designs, you can black out everything. There are also various setups and configurations where you can allow blinds to allow light while ensuring full privacy. Moreover, blinds stay firm even on windy days and don’t shift from their position unless you want them to.

To achieve the same level of privacy as blinds, curtains need to be thick. Thick curtains can resist wind breezes and also allow you to completely blackout the bathroom from outside view. However, they are difficult to wash and aren’t easy to maintain. If you go for thin blinds, you may not be able to get the same level of privacy and use multiple layers which add more complexity.

  1. Fitting – You can get the perfect fit blinds for your windows. Measuring is simple since you have to hold a measuring tape from one end to the other. Unlike curtains, there’s no need to worry about the fabric shrinking in size over time. Just be careful while you install the top rail. Otherwise, the blinds won’t move or swing smoothly.

You don’t need to be a measuring expert for installing curtains either. You can order anything online as long as you have a rough measurement. Make sure that you order a bigger size so that you can add pleats to the curtains so that you can make them fit perfectly. However, you’re in a very difficult position if you order shorter blinds.


Mark Roemer Oakland believes that now that you know all about blinds and curtains, making the choice would be much easier. Their features will help you align your priorities and strike the right balance between privacy and exposure.

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