Interior Design Tips for a Guest-Friendly Home

Got friends or family coming over to stay for the weekend or longer? No matter how large or small your home, you can create a getaway paradise for all your guests that’ll leave them arranging their next visit before they’ve even left.

Check out these short and cost-effective tips for you to transform your home into a guest paradise.

Comfortable furniture

When having people over to stay, it’s crucial that you make sure that your home offers comfort both inside and out. Sofas with a decent spring or filled with dual-layered foam are fantastic for relaxing on and try adding plenty of throws and cushions around all your sofas and chairs to make sure your guests can unwind.

Essentially, you want to make sure all your guests have somewhere to sit. Outdoor furniture such as corner dining sets won’t take up too much space but will still provide a cosy, spacious place to sit and chat on warm summer evenings.


It’s a great idea to have plenty of places for your guests to store all their belongings set up before they arrive. Place an ottoman at the end of your guest’s bed for them to use or put up a few shelves to make sure there aren’t lots of ornaments placed on surfaces that might get in the way or knocked over when your guests stay.


Ever considered getting a drinks trolley? These are perfect for those nights in when you and your guests are catching up in the living room. Plus, their quirky, retro appeal is very on-trend right now.

The small things

Having people stay in your home can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. It’s the little, personal touches that make all the difference to your home. For example, why not buy bunches of your guest’s favourite flowers to place around the house? Print off some photos of you and your guests from memorable times in your lives and place these in frames to put on bedside or coffee tables. Do they have a favourite colour? You could even get a bedspread and a few trinkets in their favourite shade to personalise the room they’ll be sleeping in for an extra special touch.


Offering your guests a well-lit and airy place to stay is key if you want them to have a comfortable time. So, if your home doesn’t get much sunlight during the day, invest in more interior lighting. You could simply place a few table lamps in key areas of your home or even decorate your guest’s headboard with small fairy lights for extra illumination. Floor lights and spotlights look really fashionable and will probably provide the level of illumination you need if your home is not well-lit. Light-coloured walls also help to bounce light around the room, as do mirrors which are easy to put up to make your home not only brighter but also appear more spacious!

Have a wonderful time entertaining your friends and family in your fresh, guest-friendly home!

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