How To Design The Ultimate A Low Maintenance Garden

Many gardeners will tell you that working in the soil is therapeutic for them. Hobbies such as this one and others are known to be crucial in maintaining mental health. There are, however, some challenges that gardeners face, such as available space to plant, watering requirements, plant-eating insects, and fungus that affects the health of the plants.

Most of these issues can be overcome by having a low-maintenance garden. In this article we are going to look at ways in which you can have flourishing plants, remain water-wise, and still have a beautiful garden of which you can be proud.

Succulent Space

Succulent gardens do not necessarily have to be spaces of thorny cacti, surrounded by sand. There are a variety of succulents available that are colourful, easy to maintain, and most importantly water-wise.

Succulents are interesting in the sense that while they don’t require much water, they do release it, which helps improve the humidity in and around your home. Because of this, health complaints such as common colds and dry itchy skins can be eased by having succulents. Some succulents, such as the desert rose, multiply rather quickly making them great to plant in a pot and gift to a neighbour.

Less Stress, More Zen

Performing mandatory daily tasks can be stressful, especially in the current times in which we live. There are responsibilities for both work and home that require constant focus and attention. This can often be extremely overwhelming. One way in which to combat these stresses is to meditate. Numerous gardeners have begun constructing log cabins in the garden which they utilise as dedicated meditation studios.

Some have even added some sand and rocks next to the building as a zen garden, which serve as an extension of their meditation practise. Erecting an art building within your garden doesn’t necessarily have to break the bank; various suppliers of these structures can custom make a shade to fit your particular requirements and available budget.

Add Colour

Just because you’re designing a low maintenance garden, it doesn’t mean that it must be dull and lifeless. You can still add flowers to the space. There are a variety of plants that you can cultivate in your garden that don’t require copious amounts of water but will still add a rainbow of colour to it.

Bugleweed comes in various shades of blue, Black-eyed Susans are happy yellow flowers that immediately lift your spirits when you see them, and geraniums in a number of different shades are equally pleasurable to look at. These plants require very little water and will thrive should they find themselves without much rain.

If you’re planning to spend time in your garden in the evenings, it is advisable to plant varieties of lavender, Marigold, and Rosemary. These are insect repellent plants that double up as ingredients for cooking.

Discussing your potential garden ideas with your local nursery is an excellent idea; the staff there will be able to offer excellent advice and guide you on the path to keep your low-maintenance garden in check so that you can enjoy it as often as you like.

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