How Rat Blocker Can Stop Rodents Coming Up Your Drain Pipe?

The drainage and sewage system has become a home for the rodent family for reasons like availability of food along with the dark and damp environment. The drainage is also the perfect place for them to swim but this can lead to another issue of rats entering your homes through the drain pipes.

Flexible Body

Rats have a very flexible bone structure and vertebrae that allow them to easily pass through tight spaces like drainage pipes. They can also crawl through various structures that have a curved shape like your toilet.

Rat Flap Is The Best Solution

With a Single flap valve, you can keep the rodent family away from your house. A Rat Blocker like this can prevent them from coming up the sewage pipe while giving them the space to exit the property. Additionally, this fall is also good for keeping human or other plastic waste materials out of your house too.

More Humane Than Rat Poison

A flap is a much more humane and kind way to treat the rat family. If you give them rat poison it will dehydrate those poor rodents and causes them to panic and finally die. In their anxiety, those rats may also end up chewing on your pipes which does even more damage.

Available In Different Sizes

The blocker, also known as a nonreturn valve is available in two distinct sizes depending on the type of property that you are residing in. You can choose the 110 mm option that is suitable for residential properties or the 150 mm one that works better for commercial buildings. The type of valve will also depend on where the outlet for your drainage pipe goes to. If you can find the outlet by yourself then an inline nonreturn valve will do the job for you otherwise it would be much more prudent to call a drainage expert and let them handle everything.


A Rat Flap works best both for you and for the rodents by making sure that the rodents are not killed mercilessly and allowed a way to escape while not entering your house and become a source of any sort of diseases.

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