Getting Your Home to the Top of the Airbnb Rankings

Airbnb has transformed the way we travel, enabling guests to find places to stay in more suitable locations, more affordably, and with the opportunity to live like a local. For the hosts, Airbnb’s rise has been an excellent opportunity to encourage tourism in the local area and earn extra income on homes. Some have even found the experience so rewarding that their properties have become designed to accommodate guests year-round.

With this rise in popularity, however, is the increase in competition. Nearby homes might offer more appealing prices or even more comfortable looking stays and, for those wanting to ensure a certain amount of interest in their property, climbing the ranks of Airbnb’s reviews is essential. So, to give you the best opportunity to do so, we’ve put together the essential tips for designing your home.

Let There Be Privacy 

While you may want to encourage mingling with your guests, getting to meet people who are travelling from all over the world, there remains the persistent need for privacy. Guests will want the ability to retire to their own space and feel able to relax after their day.

To achieve this, be sure that doors can be locked and, where possible, allow guests to act within their own space. This could be as simple as installing a kettle in their guest room, eliminating the need for them to visit the shared kitchen should they not feel up for it. These small options can help guests to feel comfortable and safe. If you are willing to make the investment, summer houses and outbuildings are a great way to allow your guests total privacy, with the freedom to come and go as they please.

Personal and Local Design 

Simply offering a mattress isn’t enough for a stay and hosts must remember that to truly excel you must become more than a hotel. Paint and decorate your guestroom, ensuring that it is not only fresh and appealing but also interesting and stylish. Liven it up with creative aesthetics helping to make an impression upon your guests that will make them feel more at home, as if they truly were themselves living in the local area and not simply lodging in a temporary stay. Hanging prints by local artists on the wall or feature products created by local artisans is a great way to help guests to learn about local culture too. 

Splurge A Little 

To separate yourself from others, your home should contain some luxurious features available for guests to enjoy. Those with private saunas, swimming pools, and cinema rooms are far more likely to earn a number of bookings and great reviews because they become feature homes. More subtly decadent features too, such as high-quality bedding and stylish showers, each of which pampers guests, making their stay totally memorable. They might seem like costly investments but such features are a shortcut to success within the Airbnb community.

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