DIY Home Renovation Tips – A Step-by-step Help guide to Home Renovations

With regards to investment property renovations the issue I usually get requested is – “just how much work must i do”? The solution to this can change dramatically based on each individual as well as their unique circumstances. Are you currently a person that loves DIY (do-it-yourself) home renovations? Would you love researching cheap renovation ideas? Or does the idea of a month’s DIY home renovation cause you to feel sick? Solve these questions . answer these questions but trust me you will find huge benefits of doing minor renovations not to mention a complete month’s focus on a house

So let us assume you have 2-5 days to accomplish your DIY renovations, exactly what is a realistic goal to achieve? To some extent it all depends in your budget but you’d be amazed at what you can have completed if you discover good quality cheap renovation ideas. My DIY renovation budget is identical for each project I actually do – I love to refer to it as the “Spend less than possible” budget! Here is a list of the very most apparent and essential things that you should think about when attemping an inexpensive DIY renovation.

Interior Painting

A brand new coat of paint is the simplest way to create a house feel new again. The truly amazing factor about painting is the fact that everybody can perform it and it is this type of rewarding job. I really like watching the home gradually get transformed as each new wall is colored and on top of that should you choose yourself to it it should not be too costly.

RENOVATION TIP: If you are likely to paint the home beige don’t even bother! Real estate investors always result in the mistake or selecting plain and boring colors. Paint the home just like you would be residing in it. If you are feeling really adventurous you can even incorporate a feature wall.


Replacing the present flooring is a different way to help make your property feel completely new. You may either switch the carpet or perhaps in some houses you are able to polish the floor boards which are underneath the carpet.

RENOVATION TIP: This really is one area of the DIY renovation procedure that I would suggest hiring somebody into it for you personally (floor polishing &carpets). The experts do this type of quick, good and economical job it’s difficult to make a disagreement for it yourself. To avoid wasting money you are able to rip the old carpet and remaining staples prior to the professional come.

Bathroom & Kitchen

Both of these rooms are important with regards to renovating your investment property. If you have some cash inside your budget then your Bathroom & Kitchen are an excellent spot to stand. Just how much work you need to do here can be the person but I would suggest looking to get these two areas clean, modern and functional.

RENOVATION TIP: Instead of re-tiling you should use Tile Paint to great effect. I have tried personally ‘White Knight’ tile paint outrageous of outdated 80’s tiles and also the results happen to be outstanding.


Replacing old Light fittings, door handles and cupboard fittings is a superb DIY renovation idea. It’s a super easy and economical way to produce a more ‘modern feel’ inside your Investment property.

RENOVATION TIP: Consider the costly designer brands after which find top quality imitations which are one fourth from the cost.


One full day within the garden and you may make an impact to overall look of the house. Take out some weeds, trim some branches, mow the lawns, sweep the front yard and all of a sudden your home is searching very good. You may be saying “For how long is sweeping the front yard considered DIY home renovation”? Well I do not care that which you ‘call it’ – Gardening, DIY, Renovations, Cleaning – the truth is placing a day or two’s work to your garden will certainly help make your house more appealing to potential renters and bank valuers.

RENOVATION TIP: A great area of the DIY renovation to obtain the help of family and buddies with. Everybody has been doing some gardening at some stage and you may even transform it into a bbq event. This makes it more enjoyable and simple as everyone may come.

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