8 Essential Advices To Keep Your Bathroom Safe

Besides concentrating on the bathroom’s interior design and aesthetic appeal, you must pay heed to the safety measures. The bathroom is one of the busiest areas in the house and hence, we must always ensure that there are no chances of any accidents. This is important especially if you have children at home. However, designing the bathroom properly and ensuring that it is a completely safe place are not easy. Mentioned below are a few tips that will surely help to make your bathroom interior design a safer space:

01 of 08 Slip-resistant mats are mandatory

Slipping and falling are the most common accidents that can occur in the bathroom. They can injure you or any one of your family members very severely. One of the best ways to avoid slipping and falling on the bathroom floor is to install anti-slip mats on the floor. They have a rubber backing and make sure that you get a good grip. Do not worry about the design as there are various stylish and colourful anti-slip mats available in the market. If you are choosing a mat for the shower, choose one with a suction cup backing.


02 of 08 Water should not accumulate

A safe bathroom idea should always have a dry floor. While constructing your bathroom interior design, it should be ensured that the floor is constructed in a manner that water does not accumulate on it. However, if water accumulates, you must mop or wipe the floor dry after every use. Otherwise, it may result in slips and falls or even electrocution.


03 of 08 All electrical appliances should be installed away from the water

Water is a good conductor of electricity and hence, it is imperative to install all electrical appliances like a geyser away from water. Also, you must stay attentive while using electrical appliances in the bathroom like a hair-dryer or trimmer. Never place them near water or leave them in the bathroom after use. This can increase the chances of accidents. Also, you should allocate a separate shelf or cabinet away from water to place these items while using. To ensure safety, always consider buying waterproof electrical appliances for the bathroom.


04 of 08 Grab bars are a great idea

Although many people do not acknowledge the importance of grab bars in the bathroom, they are quite useful if you install them in and around the bathtub, toilet, and shower area. This is because a person will have something to hold while slipping and protect himself or herself from falling down. If you have elderly people in your family, these will be very convenient for them.


05 of 08 Store medications properly

While installing the medicine cabinet in your bathroom interior design, make sure it is out of the reach of small children. Children might give in to their curiosity and grab one of them without knowing what it is. The results can be catastrophic.


06 of 08 Store the cleaning items properly

Most people store the bathroom cleaning solutions and chemicals in the bathroom so that they can be found easily when required. However, you must not store it anywhere in the bathroom, especially if you have children at home. These cleaning solutions can contain hazardous chemicals that can affect your health or damage your skin. You must always keep a separate cabinet in the bathroom to store all cleaning supplies. Also, leaving them anywhere will make the bathroom appear cluttered and messy.


07 of 08 Sufficient lighting fixtures should be available in the bathroom

Your bathroom idea should always be well-lit if you want to avoid accidents. The chances of accidents happening are higher in the dark. For starters, you can trip on something and fall down in the dark. By ensuring that every corner of the bathroom is properly illuminated, you reduce the risk of tripping and falling.


08 of 08 Hot water should not be over 120 degrees Fahrenheit

It is always recommended to set your hot water at 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Otherwise, someone’s skin might get burnt if he or she opens the shower and it turns out to be too hot. In case you increase the temperature while taking a shower, make sure to set it back to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. This is more important when you have kids at home.


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